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Tooling & Spares By Haven

Tooling / Spares and Machine Rebuilds for the Haven Line of Tube Cutting
and Processing Machines

Tooling: Genuine Haven Made
Haven Manufacturing Corporation supplies tooling for every machine model that we build.
• Cutoff Dies • Cutoff Blades • Feedrolls • Endfinisher Clamping Jaws • Endfinisher Cutter Heads • Supported Shear Dies and Punches.

Spare Parts: Savings, Value and Support
Haven stocks a wide range of spare parts for all of the machinery that we produce. We also have preferred buying status with all of our component suppliers. If you need any component for your Haven machine, contact us, chances are we can give you better pricing than your local distributor. We also can arrange drop shipments directly to your facility.

Machine Rebuilds: Keep Your Haven Running Like New
Haven cutoff machines have a reputation for durability and longevity. There are thousands of Haven machines operating worldwide. We have established a loaner program that allows existing Haven customers the opportunity to rebuild their Model 871, 872, or 873 cutting heads without extensive downtime. Click here for details

Haven offers complete or partial rebuilds on most of the machinery that we produce.

To get a quote or to discuss any tooling, spare part or rebuild needs, click here and send an e-mail or call us at 912-265-7536.

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