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Specialty Machines

Specialty Machines

Because of our versatility in the tube processing industry we are able to provide a wide range of custom made machine solutions to meet your application.

We offer a wide range of custom made machine solutions to meet your application.

SA-150 Sawing Machine from Haven Miter-Cut Sawing Machine, Cold Saw Cutting Machine Creates Straight or Angular cuts for tubes and profiles:
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The most flexible miter sawing machine system available for straight and angular cutting of tubes and profiles. Meets a variety of needs in the construction, architectural, automotive, furniture, sport equipment, and many other industries.
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Watch the Miter-Cut Sawing Machine video
Trimming / Parting Closeup Trimming / Parting of Hydroformed and Fabricated Tubular Componets: click here for more info
Engineered solutions and machinery for tube trimming and parting. Applicable for both straight and bent parts.
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Watch the Trimming / Parting video
Measuring and Inspection from Haven Measuring and Inspection Machines: click here for more info
Automatic in-line tube inspection, versatile enough to accept tubes from any cutoff or forming operation. Portable, offline length measuring gauge is also available.
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Watch the Measuring and Inspection video
Tube Packaging System from Haven Tube Packaging System: click here for more info
Versatile 3 or 4 axis robot tube stacking machine. Uses magnetic or vacuum pickup attachments. Suitable for a variety of tubular shapes. Pre-programmed for a variety of container sizes and storage patterns.
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