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Tube Cutting

About Haven Manufacturing - Tube Cutting and Bar Cutting

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For over 50 years, Haven Manufacturing Corporation has built a solid reputation as the leader in the tube recutting industry. Haven built that reputation by engineering and building specialized machinery to meet our customers’ highly specialized requirements. Our worldwide reputation for excellence and long list of satisfied clients has been built through superior service, technical expertise, and innovation. Haven understands that our customers’ profitability is dependent upon maximizing productivity. In an effort to provide more comprehensive solutions to our clients’ cutting requirements and to continue developing new and improved tube cutting processes we created a partnership with SOCO Machinery of Taiwan in 2009. As our business continues to grow, we have kept the focus on providing cost-effective machinery and total solutions for our clients’ needs. You can trust Haven to provide industry leading solutions for precision, high performance, fully integrated, loading, cutting, deburring, and endfinishing needs.

The Solution For The Tube Cutting Industry
Haven machines have gained worldwide acceptance by producing high quality cuts on a variety of tubular shapes and materials utilizing the dual-blade tube shearing method. From mill length bundle to finished part Haven provides complete automation and high production rates using reusable, inexpensive, and easy to maintain tooling. Our tube cutting machines stand up to the toughest environments and produce parts- three shifts a day, every day.

Mission Statement
To provide superior responsiveness to our customers by understanding their needs, designing a process that meets those needs, manufacturing or sourcing the highest quality equipment, and assisting in the implementation of a total solution. By following this process we will continue to earn and maintain our reputation of superior responsiveness and superior solutions.

Dave Erickson

Dave Erickson, President and CEO
After earning his Mechanical Design Engineering degree from Western Michigan University, Dave started his career as a designer and process engineer with a Detroit tube mill. For the next twenty years he studied and solved problems in the day-to-day operations of Tenneco-Monroe Shock Absorbers as an engineer, operations manager, plant manager, and eventually as the Director of Lean Manufacturing. His success, prior experience, and education were all major qualifications that contributed to his selection, over 14 years ago, as Vice President and General Manager for Haven Manufacturing. Dave was promoted to his current position as CEO of Haven in 2001. As CEO he has sought to continue, and improve on, Haven’s reputation for quality products and industry leading customer service. “Our customers want a Haven because they know they are getting the best value for their investment. As CEO my job is to help our employees, the real reason Haven has continued to be successful, continue the tradition of reliability and trustworthiness that we have become known for.”

Ben I.

Ben Iannuzzi, Controller
Ben is a true finance and accounting professional with a well-earned reputation for honesty and hard work. Originally from upstate New York, he came south to attend college at Georgia State University in Atlanta, where he earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting. As Controller and CFO Ben is responsible for all financial issues, decisions, and daily operations. The work ethic that he learned from his Father, a construction superintendent who held key positions in some of the most famous buildings in America, including the World Trade Center, has served him well. Ben has held positions as Controller/CFO for companies within several industries. When the opportunity to work for Haven arose Ben was eager to take the position. “Haven’s products continue to be the best around. They never wear out. I feel very grateful to work for a great company with great products.”

Barry Smith

Barry Smith, Aftermarket Sales Manager
For many of our customers, Barry is the primary point of contact with Haven. Although he trained for a career as an electrician and originally joined Haven Manufacturing in that role, Barry’s ability to communicate effectively with customers regarding technical issues and to follow through with projects and promises has proven to be his greatest strength and a genuine benefit to Haven’s customers. His knowledge of the Haven product line, how our products are used, and the specific challenges that face our customers has proven to be a valuable asset in his role as Inside Sales Coordinator. Barry’s responsibilities include quoting parts, tooling, entering and tracking orders, and following up with customers to be certain that all orders are shipped as promised and that Haven is fulfilling all obligations to our customers’ full satisfaction.

Zdenek Kuja

Zdenek Kuja, V.P. of Product Development
Originally from the Czech Republic, Zdenek left his home country in 1969, destined for the United States. Like some other members of the Haven family, Zdenek worked in a tube mill early in his career. In 1972 he came to work with Haven, where his leadership skills and engineering acumen have greatly contributed to Haven’s, and our customer’s, success. In Zdenek’s current role as Vice President of Product Development he is responsible for many of the innovations and technologies that have earned Haven its well-deserved reputation as the industry leader.

Mike Weidman

Mike Weidman, Director of Engineering
In February of 2013, Mike Weidman joined Haven Manufacturing as Director of Engineering. He adds many years of experience, in both mechanical and control systems engineering in the OEM industry, to the already talented and experienced Haven team. Mike realized, while still attending high school in his home state of Wisconsin, that he wanted to pursue a career as an electrical engineer and designer. In order to earn the funds required to pursue his future degree, and to gain valuable training in his chosen field, he joined the army after his graduation. The training, discipline, and experience he received while serving his country proved to be invaluable when Mike entered the University of Louisville, in 1991. His experience and work-ethic landed a coveted internship with Vermont American Corporation, where he performed so well that the company continued to employ him as a full-time employee, and to provide valuable experience in the controls industry, while Mike finished his degree. Since that time, Mike has consistently shown his talent and attention to detail, as well as his willingness to test new technologies, as he has moved up into positions of higher responsibility and greater challenge within the Louisville area OEM industry. Mike enjoys coastal living in Brunswick (GA) where he lives with his wife and two children.

Mark and Chris

Mechanical Engineer:
Mark Wade, Sr. Design Engineer
Mark was born in the UK where his Father, an aircraft mechanic for the British Royal Air Force, nurtured his natural interest in models, boats, cars, and airplanes. After moving to the U.S. in 1976, his interest in technical subjects and design continued to grow and he earned degrees in Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Numeric Control, Drafting and Design. Early in his career Mark put his technical skills to use as an equipment operator and foreman in the heavy construction industry. Since joining the Haven team over twenty years ago as a Designer and Draftsman, he has played a key role in both the engineering and the manufacture of Haven machines.

Mike Hutchinson and Van Redden

Systems Engineers:
Mike Hutchinson and Van Redden
Mike has been with Haven for over 32 years! After learning electronics as a young technician in the U.S. Army, he has continued to upgrade and refine his technical knowledge through ongoing training and seminars. Originally hired for his hydraulics expertise, Mike has held several positions of increasing importance within the company, leading him to his current role as Systems Engineering Manager. His experience and expertise have led to several design changes and adaptations of new technologies that have enhanced the reliability and utility of Haven products. Mike was one of the first in the industry to see the value in adapting Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for use in the tube cutting industry. Today, all Haven’s machines have some sort of PLC control. He is understandably proud of Haven’s strong name and his role in helping the company achieve its reputation for quality and reliability. “Haven is one of the few OEMs that I know of where a customer needing assistance can actually talk to the person that designed, assembled, wired, or programmed his machine.”

Van joined Haven over 5 years ago as the Systems Engineering Supervisor. In that role he is primarily responsible for supervising all assembly, design, and programming of Haven machines. He holds dual bachelors degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, is a veteran U.S. Navy avionics technician, and has over 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom machinery. Van takes great pride in using his training and natural gifts to give Haven customers the best products available in today’s marketplace.

Terry Altimus and Fred Rempfer

Plant Managers:
Terry Altimus, Plant Manager and Fred Rempfer, Production Scheduler
Terry joined Haven Manufacturing in 1986. Over the past 25+ years he has held key positions of responsibility in all areas of the company. After starting in the machine shop he learned to operate, maintain, and program the company’s CNC machines. Eventually he began to collaborate with the engineering department in the design and manufacture of new equipment. Terry was promoted to Plant Manager in 1996 and supervises all aspects of daily production. Terry has a lot of pride in the reputation that Haven machinery has for dependability. “We have engineered our equipment to be robust and user friendly. Our customers return again and again to update their capability and capacity.”

Fred grew up in Northern Illinois where his early interest in manufacturing led him to pursue a technical degree at Kishwaukee College. Since joining Haven Manufacturing over 16 years ago, he has become an integral part of the Haven team by managing material and labor costs and maintaining accurate inventories for contract and aftermarket production. His current role as Production Scheduler is key to keeping manufacturing moving efficiently and servicing Haven’s customers quickly and effectively. Fred makes certain that our customers can rely on Haven to have the correct spare part or tool available at their time of need.


Midwest Field Service Technician:
Scott Jaynes, Field Service Technician Indianapolis, IN.
As Field Service Technician for Haven Manufacturing, Scott Jaynes is responsible for Haven's new customer accounts and existing accounts in the upper Midwest, providing prompt, highly-skilled and reliable service.

During his broad career, positioned as Lead Technician at Schlumberger Automated Technologies; Electronics Engineering Technology Instructor at ITT Technical Institute; Field Applications Engineer at Vishay Electronic Components; Class 1 Plastics Processing Technician at Syndicate Sales, Inc.; Maintenance Group Leader at KN Platec America; and Production Supervisor at Progressive Plastics, Jaynes broadened his expertise in the injection molding industry, maintained a wide variety of process equipment applications and enhanced his electro-mechanical experience depth.

A native of Tipton, Indiana, Jaynes graduated in 1991 with Honors and Perfect Attendance awards from ITT Technical Institute. Jaynes currently resides in Indianapolis where he enjoys cooking, sports, learning, solving problems, experiencing new things and helping friends and family.

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