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Tube and Bar Processing by Haven

Tube and Bar Processing

From mill length bundle to finished part, Haven can fully automate your tube and bar processing needs.

The most common secondary processes that are integrated with tube cutting are: wire brush deburring, endfinishing (chamfering), automatic measuring, tube washing, and automatic tube packaging. The most obvious benefit to be realized through integration of processes is the labor savings realized through the integration of several processes into one. Less obvious, but often substantial savings can also be achieved through the elimination of work in progress and the associated inventory tracking, saving floor space by keeping the cutting and secondary processes close, and decreasing production scheduling duties. Other factors that can influence your decision to integrate processes are the potential elimination of bottlenecks in the production process and reduced changeover times.

Endfinishing from Haven Endfinishing: click here for more info
Fast, economical and accurate machine simultaneously chamfers and end faces both ends of the tube, leaving a smooth, lathe-cut like finish.
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Watch the Endfinishing video
Wire Brush Deburring from Haven Wire Brush Deburring: click here for more info
Capable of simultaneously processing both ends of a variety of tubular shapes and materials to remove sharp edges and minor burrs.
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Watch the Wire Brush Deburring video
Automated Tube Cutting Systems from Haven Automated Tube Cutting Systems: click here for more info
Fully integrated material handling, cutting, deburring, and end finishing systems with a variety of transfer systems.
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Watch the Automated Tube Cutting Systems video
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